[:fr]Echos and Résonances at Arthémuse


Arthémuse welcomes Echoes and Resonances’pioneering concept, established by the Chilean concert pianist Maria-Paz Santibanez: “Past, present and future create their echo, each resonating to the others’ vibrations”, in the tradition of the great French pianist, researcher and teacher. Claude Helffer, who died in 2004.  Echoes and Resonances follow in his footsteps, promoting, encouraging and defending 20th century music along with today’s.


Echoes and Resonances collaborates with the OCI, the prestigious Orleans International Piano Competition and its Claude Helffer Prize, established in 2010 by Madame Helffer with the aim of perpetuating the work of this great musician among younger generations.  In this way the Manor’s performers follow the road to discovery and uphold new music, while appropriating last century’s repertory.


“To encounter the public in a context such as the Etainnemare Manor means, for the artists, discovering something new in themselves.  Thepursuit of discovery is preceded by an artistic residence in this locus of exchange between music and the visual arts.  Imagining music and rhyming a drawing… this is how the Orleans International Competition will resound this summer in Normandy.  Have a good stay, Claudia Chan and Julien Blanc, excellent listening to the public; and a big thank you to Arthémuse and to Echoes and Resonances for this wonderful initiative ! »


Isabella Vassilota, artistic director of the Orleans International Competition